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Confessions of a Closet Catholic

Confessions of a Closet Catholic - Sarah Darer Littman

In the summary, Eleven-year-old Jussy wishes she had a family like Mac's that was warm and more Involved in one another's lives. Unfortunately, Jussy's only somewhat strict mom Seems To Care About Having expensive things in the house and no messes. Jussy is the middle child, and she feels That Whenever She Brings up Questions about her heritage, her family does not take her seriously. penitence for her sins from "Father Ted," a favorite teddy bear. She reveals all to Father Ted from her feelings of isolation for being the middle child in her family to Dealing with her newly discovered feelings towards a cute boy. But then a to some devastating news Jussy is deeply Given her Bubbe Have Suffered That Affects a stroke. That is fearful Jussy her religious exploration is to blame for her grandmother's stroke. Her mother, after accidentally discovering the confessional, Thinks That Jussy is being selfish With Her exploration Especially since Bubbe is a concentration camp survivor her late husband Along With. However, When comes to Live with Bubbe's family Jussy, Jussy Discovers That She is not responsible for What Happened, and That she must continue to find her own spiritual identity. this book is related to the world  because it is different religions in the world . people in the world believe in a different kind of things . I recommendation this book to others because it will help them identify the equality of other people's religions.