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Tell The World

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Tell the World - WritersCorps, Kenneth Carroll, Bill Aguado, Richard Newirth, Sherman Alexie

In "Tell The World " was by Sherman Alexie is a poem book about encouraging, about who we are. It mostly talks about who you are and where you're from. It discusses struggles, hope, and how they celebrate different kinds of culture.They are the different type of student in the book and that have different kind of poems that encourage people to make a difference in this world today.The kids are different in the book and every section of the book has a title and Arthur. " Tell the World is a stunning collection of poems by teens who have taken part in workshops run by Writers Corps, a national alliance of literary arts programs for youth."


The book connection to me because the book I hope you learn different things in the poem. I learn the different type of poem. to write it, How to express your feelings about the poem.Express your feelings with writing and telling different things.


I Would you recommend this book to others who want learning about same new things and how to spare your feelings , different type of poems.